WAFFF is a modern art and clothing brand.
We were tasked with designing a retail booth to be placed originally at the ABC Mall – Achrafieh. Our main focus was to stay loyal to WAFFF’s main motive which is Passion for Art.

We made sure to conceive a design that is aligned with the brand’s identity, image and guidelines. The outcome was an island stand which is a booth open on all sides to maximize the engagement with a greater number of customers. Practicality and space management were also key components of the design as it was essential to display a large array of items while keeping the area neat and visually striking.

Linda designed and implemented modern art frames and clothing stand for my brand at ABC Mall, which helped my products stand out, show greater value and boost sales.

She is very innovative and thoughtful about the designs’ usability and appearance. Her professionalism, creativity, and punctuality made her the number one interior architect that I will always go to.

Ralph Ghayad
December 2019


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