Our Vision

We believe that the perfect juxtaposition of our expertise and your needs is the main element for a successful project. We aim, at all times, to create spaces that embody your goals and aspirations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed your expectations in a timely delivery. With our passion for creativity, we take the design one step further. Today, we are a well-renowned interior architecture and design company serving international clients. Our offices are located in Beirut and recently in Paris. We have always been recognized for efficient architecture of small apartments among a wide range of other services. We think outside the box to deliver functional modern solutions and to optimize every inch of space available. In the market, we are credited to shape avant-garde interiors providing office, retail and home luxury.

Our Values

At LL interiors, client satisfaction is the driving force. Through every touchpoint of the project, we will be there for you. Our long-term goals are always in line with our core values: Trust, sustainability and commitment. We look into building trusted long-term relations with our clients and partners. Most importantly, we strive to leave a lasting impression on every person who lays eyes on our work.

Meet the founder

Linda Loutfi has a rich and thorough experience in a variety of projects at all stages. Her work has been featured in a number of publications. She earned a master’s degree with honors in interior architecture from the Lebanese University – Institute of Fine Arts, in addition to many other academic honors.


Linda values the impact of interiors on daily life. She considers luxury as clean lines, spacious rooms and everything that contributes to human well-being. Her interiors consist of a balance between the tides of art, element of light, and architectural style.


She is acknowledged for bringing the finest level of expertise into designs that respond to peoples’ needs. She believes that spaces should tell a story about the people who occupy them. That’s why listening to her customers’ needs is a top priority.

Interior design portfolio:

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Our services:

LL interiors is a full-service architecture and interior design company. Whether the project is residential, corporate or commercial, we can translate your vision into a unique design. Our team is committed to undertaking projects throughout every phase until completion.




  1. Sawaya Apartment


Category: Residential


Upon the purchase of her 100-square meter apartment, Ms. Sawaya was not pleased with the original layout. The space could not accommodate the various components of her belongings and lifestyle.


The first step was to establish a close client/designer relationship to uncover her exact needs in terms of space use and design.

We reshaped the entire apartment and turned it into a place she could happily call home. The relatively small place has all she needs: warmth, identity, customized displays for her books and paintings, cabinets for her clothes and shoes, and other personalized elements for her possessions.


The secret to the success of such projects lies in small-detail thinking: minimalism and multifunctionality.



  1. Beik Apartment


Category: Residential


The owner of this apartment located in Yarzeh had a major emphasis on the smoking area.

We therefore created a garden extension to widen the indoor space and gain a closed outdoor space for winter use. We incorporated wood and metal to create a modern style with a hint of industrial chic. We then covered the kitchen door that leads to the living room with a cladding sequence to combine aesthetic with practical access.  



  1. Farah Apartment


Category: Residential


This project is a leading example of modern luxury in a new high-end building in Achrafieh.

Multiple materials were used such as marble effect ceramics, wood, mirrors and glass. The lighting was a key design element, contributing in defining the identity of each area.


Moreover, our main focus was on incorporating hidden doors through wall cladding. We designed different seating areas, one of which includes a fireplace. We also added an extra restroom to provide three bedrooms with each its private bathroom.


Being on a lower floor with a private terrace and garden, we planted trees to create a green screen for a double purpose: privacy and nice view. We worked on providing a continuity between the apartment and the garden to give a feel of spaciousness.



  1. Abi Rizk Apartment


Categpry: Residential


The apartment is located in the mountains of Lebanon. The clients’ brief was to create an ultimate industrial design that combines aesthetic appeal with comfort. The aim was to design a loft with the living room and kitchenette in one open space, in addition to a separate master bedroom. We used brick, metal and concrete as main elements to portray the young couple’s vision.



  1. Kamari Apartment


Category: Residential


We were asked to renovate the Kamari apartment located in a busy and noisy area of Beirut. The challenge was to remodel a small apartment and make it brighter, more spacious and well-ventilated. Our aim was to create a space that the client would love spending time in and make the most of it.



  1. Khawand Apartment


Category: Residential


Located in Aoukar, the apartment had an outdoor space that we converted into a sitting room with a corner bar, giving a modern aspect to the space.


Indoors, the main challenge was the uneven dining room walls which had multiple corners. We worked on changing it into a curved wall and placing a round dining table for a cozy atmosphere. We visually expanded the master bedroom by combining it with the balcony and using light colors.



  1. El Khechen Apartment


Category: Residential


Owned by a Lebanese expatriate who lives in Brazil, the apartment is located in Bsous.

We established an ongoing long-distance coordination process with the client and were commissioned to handle every detail of the project. The outcome was a success and met the client’s vision.

We transformed the front room into a modern circular Arab seating area. We customized an exciting interior for the master bedroom with a distinctive round bed to match the circular architecture.




  1. Yazbeck Apartment


Categories: Residential


This residential apartment located in Beit Misk enjoys a small garden with a beautiful mountain view. The challenge was to integrate the outdoor space to the interior living area. We delivered a harmonious, modern and cozy home where day-to-day living is pleasant.



  1. Yaktine Apartment


Category: Residential


To make the most of the available space of this apartment located in Horsh Tabet, we converted the balcony into a TV room with a mini-bar. We maximized the connection to the outdoor area through glass sliding doors. Indoors, an open book marble wall was displayed in the sitting room as a statement of luxury. The contemporary furniture was picked from the Italian design brand Minotti to accentuate the luxurious flow. As for the bedrooms, they were designed to bring the perfect balance of functionality and modern feel.



  1. Nader Apartment


Category: Residential


This project is a modern renovation of the entrance and reception area of an apartment located in Horsh Tabet. The modern style was showcased mostly through the use of concrete and wood. We created one open space to give a sense of wideness and integrated a bar to camouflage a pillar. With a dog living in the house, we designed indoors a dedicated space for the furry friend.



  1. Papis Apartment


Category: Residential


The apartment is located in Cornet Chahwan. We worked on all the elements and details of the reception area and dining room to deliver a luxurious and neoclassical interior design. We customized Chanel-inspired furniture to give the style that the client desired.



  1. Osseiran Apartment


Category: Residential


For this apartment located in Tallet el Khayat, our main duty was to handle the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and add a touch of design to the existing interior space. We successfully delivered a luxury modern style in every detail. The wall cladding, bed headboards, TV unit and all other elements were carefully designed to match the scheme. We chose most of the furniture, lights and fabrics from the Italian brands Minotti and Giorgetti.



  1. Jose Apartment


Category: Residential


We provided the client of this apartment located in Achrafieh with a conceptual design plan for the reception area and bathrooms. We also designed a cigar lounge with all the technical requirements and practical elements: exhaust ventilation systems, cigar accessories, wine cooler and leather furniture – a full concept for the lounge to create an enjoyable experience.



  1. Najjar Apartment


Category: Residential


The client of this residential unit located in Monot Street – Achrafieh was looking for a modern urban style with a twist of luxury. We redesigned the master bedroom to optimize the use of the available space. A contemporary glass shower was placed in the room separately from the sink and toilet area. In the living room, we focused on the lighting and bright colors while preserving warmth and coziness. A bar was built between the kitchen and the living room to provide a physical and visual separation between both areas.



Category: Corporate


The offices of this full service law firm are located in Badaro. We worked on designing several spaces, including the reception area and the main office, with an emphasis on breaking away from the traditional architectural patterns and norms of law offices.


Featuring modern luxurious finishes, introducing bright wood as opposed to the usually used dark wood, in addition to incorporating industrial luxury through metal, marble and glossy wood, were the highlights of this original interior architecture.





Category: Corporate


The factory that produces Slim Oil is a vertically integrated, fully automated, and computerized state of the art production facility located in Nahr Ibrahim industrial zone.


We turned the dark warehouse into a vivid workplace with an efficient user-centered design while optimizing the use of the available space through metallic structures and frames with glass elements. The open space encourages interactive cooperation between employees. The transparency provided by the glass windows, wall dividers and panels along with the contrasting dark grey and lively yellow furniture elements, transformed the dim space into modern and bright interiors for the teams’ workstations and the management’s private offices.





Category: Corporate


When redesigning the space for the real estate brokerage firm located in Jal el Dib, the biggest challenges were to bring in the light into the offices and to optimize the use of a limited space to answer the growing need of agents’ workspaces.


We used glass as the main element to create individual working stations in an open and clear environment. The purpose was to provide private units while keeping a 360-degree view of the office to encourage collaboration and stimulate effective communication. Further positive business results can be achieved through easy inter-departmental communication and colleague interactions via eye contact and reading body language.





Category: Corporate


Located in Gennevilliers – France, CAMECA is a world leading supplier of microanalytical and metrology instrumentation for research and process control.


We were commissioned the design of the reception area and meeting room. The outcome is an inviting yet professional space that reflects the company’s brand identity and values.




ASC – Advanced Sports Center


Category: Corporate


A health club located in Jal el Dib and offering personal training, physiotherapy, dietetic consultancy and sports injury rehabilitation. The key words upon which the concept was to be designed: Zen and relaxation.

The space is split over two levels, training area with equipment and activities on the ground floor, and treatment rooms and clinics on the higher floor. From the moment you enter the health club, the designed space is by itself an invitation to relaxation but also a booster to energetic workout. A winning combination to go the extra mile!



APT – Autism Center


Category: Corporate Conceptual


Exhaustive research lead to confirming the importance of interior design in the development path of an autistic person and the need for the latter to feel safe and protected. There is a direct link between the architectural environment and the patient’s wellbeing.

In fact, a well-thought-out interior design constitutes a friendly surrounding that provides a bundle of positive feelings for the autistic patient, including serenity, comfort and security.


​Deep diving into the subject inspired the imagination of an architectural design in the shape of an eggshell — symbol of protection and security — that will be implanted in Beit Chabab, a region well-known for its peaceful and calm environment in the heart of a green nature.










Category: Commercial


WAFFF is a modern art and clothing brand.

We were tasked with designing a retail booth to be placed originally at the ABC Mall – Achrafieh. Our main focus was to stay loyal to WAFFF’s main motive, which is Passion for Art.


We made sure to conceive a design that is aligned with the brand’s identity, image and guidelines. The outcome was an island stand, which is a booth open on all sides to maximize the engagement with a greater number of customers. Practicality and space management were also key components of the design as it was essential to display a large array of items while keeping the area neat and visually striking.



CELLAIRIS – Retail kiosks


Category: Commercial


Cellairis is an American brand of cell phone covers, mobile accessories and screen protectors. Several branches were launched in Lebanon in popular shopping malls across the country.


It was then mandatory to design small and practical spaces that are in line with the brand’s identity. The challenge was to balance between the company’s brief and the rules, regulations and restrictions of each shopping mall.


The design has at its heart a high visibility of the retail kiosk with attractive setups to display the products and media, as well as an inviting space to engage with customers.





Category: Commercial


The optical shop is located in one of Jdaideh’s commercial centers. The main direction of this project was to combine space management with design as it was very important to provide a maximum number of display elements without the windows looking packed. 


We worked on creating inviting and intriguing retail windows by taking the display design to the next level – an appealing look that will catch the eye of every passerby.


We placed backlit posters with vivid graphics that can be customized and replaced easily with new collections and arrivals. On the other side, the backlit posters were used for visual merchandising and eyeglasses displays.






Category: Commercial


Located in Kaslik, we renovated the premises of this hair salon around a new theme: the color blocking combination of black and white, thus turning the interior into a modern and attractive designed area.


We installed a wall-to-wall mirror to enlarge the space and amplify light. We added frames to define the limits of the mirror in an original and unconventional way.


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