APT – Autism Center

Exhaustive research leads to confirming the importance of interior design in the development path of an autistic person and the need for the latter to feel safe and protected. There is a direct link between the architectural environment and the patient’s wellbeing.

In fact, a well-thought-out interior design constitutes a friendly surrounding that provides a bundle of positive feelings for the autistic patient, including serenity, comfort and security.

Deep diving into the subject inspired the imagination of architectural design in the shape of an eggshell, symbol of protection and security, that will be implanted in Beit Chabab, a region well-known for its peaceful and calm environment in the heart of green nature.

Linda is a very gifted Interior Architect. She is endowed in research and exploring new ideas with a talent to outline them into shapes. She is brilliant in interpreting a conceptual approach into a creative design.

Antoine Ghorayeb
September 2013


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