This project is a leading example of modern luxury in a new high-end building in Achrafieh.

Multiple materials were used such as marble effect ceramics, wood, mirrors and glass. The lighting was a key design element, contributing to defining the identity of each area.

Moreover, our main focus was on incorporating hidden doors through wall cladding. We designed different seating areas, one of which includes a fireplace. We also added an extra restroom to provide three bedrooms with each its private bathroom.

Being on a lower floor with a private terrace and garden, we planted trees to create a green screen for a double purpose: privacy and a nice view. We worked on providing continuity between the apartment and the garden to give a feel of spaciousness.

Les FARAH tiennent à vous remercier intensément quant à la belle architecture de leur appartement de 450 m2 situé au coeur de Achrafieh, Rue Sassine à Beyrouth.
Vous avez transformé cette demeure en une œuvre d’art “A piece of Art”.
Un travail fait avec beaucoup de dévouement, de joie et surtout de professionnalisme…
Je conclue avec des citations du Corbusier et de Xavier Dolan:
…”L’architecture, c’est une tournure d’esprit et non un métier”…
…”Tout est possible A qui rêve, ose, travaille et n’abandonne jamais”…

Merci très chère Linda

Patricia Farah
May 2020


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